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Increase Conversion Rates With Website Micro Conversions

Micro conversions, also known as Mini conversions, are the smaller goals that, when achieved, help drive visitors further down your sales funnel. They can include items like signing up for an email list, downloading a product guide or whitepaper, attending a webinar or virtual event, watching a video, filling out a contact form or survey, following you on social media channels, and so on. 

Micro-Conversions: An Opportunity To Engage Visitors

Each micro-conversion is an opportunity for you to engage with your visitors and start building a relationship that can lead to the desired main conversion: making a purchase or signing up for a service. To effectively create your micro conversions, start by asking yourself what steps are necessary to persuade someone to make a purchase. Then, determine how to break those steps down and create micro-conversions that guide your visitors along their journey. Building relationships with your customers is a crucial step in achieving successful conversions. Therefore, implementing strategies that allow you to interact and engage with them throughout the sales funnel is essential.

For example, if someone is interested in purchasing a product from your website, they may need additional information before they can make the purchase or sign up for a service. You could create a whitepaper, ebook, or blog post with more detailed information about the product, which the person could download. That would be a micro conversion that helps move them further down the sales funnel. 

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By providing smaller and achievable goals, you can make it easier for visitors to complete the desired main conversion. Plus, if someone drops out of your sales funnel before reaching their destination, you’ll have data on earlier micro-conversion points to help you better understand where they may have stopped or gotten confused. 

Micro-Conversions And The Sales Funnel

Creating and tracking micro-conversions is a great way to move potential customers further down the sales funnel. Think of your main conversion as the destination and the micro conversions as smaller goals that will lead your visitors there. With planned steps throughout the customer journey, you can help your audience make their journey to the desired main conversion as smooth and easy as possible. 

Once you have identified the different micro-conversion points, it’s important to track how well they're performing. Keep an eye on analytics such as bounce rate, time-on-site, and page visits to determine which micro conversions are working best and adjust accordingly. With this data, you can continually optimize your micro conversions to maximize the number of customers that complete the desired main conversion.

In Conclusion

Micro-conversions help you build relationships. With the right micro-conversions in place, you can improve customer relationships and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

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About the author:

Nick France has been designing everything from ads to websites for over thirty-five years and it’s obviously engrained in his DNA at this point. When he’s not designing or writing he’s usually found loving on his family or strapped to a guitar, singing his heart out. 

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