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Primary Logo, 2-Color in Red and Black

At Nick France Design, we had the exciting opportunity to create a standout logo for JJ Kicking Programs. This logo was crafted using a photo of Coach Josh Jones kicking a field goal from an actual College game. The image is iconic within Coach Josh’s circle, making it instantly recognizable to his audience.

JJ Kicking Hero Image
JJ Kicking Logo

Secondary Logo

By incorporating this powerful visual, we ensured the logo not only resonates deeply with Coach Josh's community but also embodies the essence of his kicking, punting, and snapping coaching programs. This design is a perfect blend of personal branding and professional identity, capturing the spirit and energy of JJ Kicking Programs.

Tertiary Logo and Icon


May 22, 2024


Logo Design


JJ Kicking Programs


Photoshop, Illustrator


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