89% Of Marketers Say Email Is Their Number One Channel

How's your email marketing going these days?

When we provide email marketing services for your business or organization, we take care of everything required for your email marketing campaigns. Using an ESP like MailChimp, we handle end-to-end strategy, deploying all email sends. We test, provide reporting, tracking and optimizations. We’ll conduct a comprehensive email strategy and develop a roadmap to begin implementing as quickly as possible. With insights and guidance from you, we’ll optimize each aspect of your campaigns. We have decades of email marketing experience and a desire to keep improving. We’ll continue optimization your campaigns with new and innovative strategies.

With facts and statistics such as, 4.3 billion email accounts send 1.9 billion emails everyday, your business should be reaching your audience through a well planed email campaign. Additionally, 85% of U.S. retailers consider email marketing among the most effective ways to garner customers. When considering your marketing budget, it's important to know that email will convert three-times better that social and 64% of decision makers read email. Also, when deciding on how to reach consumers, you should know that 77% prefer email for marketing communications.

Why Email Marketing Services?

Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services
Email Marketing Services
Email and Mobile
Email Drives Sales

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