These Next Forty Days – Book Design

These Next Forty Days – Book Design

These Next Forty Days is author Elle Spada’s first book and we’re proud she chose Nick France Design to design the cover and interior. It’s a journal book so the interior pages are a mix of writing and journal pages designed to take you on a spiritual journey over a forty day period.This forty day journal is available online designed to find peace through taking time out during the day (and even at night). There’s personal reflections from her life’s experience that are accompanied by a journaling page with a scripture verse each day that is beautifully and simply graphed, just waiting for your creativeness.

These Next Forty Days

Elle is a radio host and producer and has over twenty years of experience on SpiritFM WBVM Tampa, including hosting and producing Kid’s Kingdom, an award winning children’s Saturday morning radio show. Elle’s available to speak at your next retreat or event on the importance of taking short time outs to pray throughout the day benefits by pulling us away from all the distractions that surround us and can lead to experiencing stillness in prayer that can open our hearts to receiving God’s blessings that He already has in store for us! Contact Elle for more info:


September 7, 2021


Book Design


Elle Spada


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign



These Next Forty Days

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