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Gus Lloyd, the radio host, loved this design! Unique and inspiring, we designed promotional artwork initially for a coffee mug which features his catch phrase: "Good Morning Child of God." This message serves to remind everyone of the joy, peace, and beauty that we all have access to in life. The cheerful font and colors provide a perfect complement to the strong message. Whether you're enjoying your morning cup of joe or giving it away as a gift, you can do so knowing you are spreading an uplifting message with every sip.

Using the same promotional artwork Gus asked us to produce wall art to compliment the mug and have the phrase ever present and on display for all to see. Gus even offers this design on a pillow, apparel and more. Gus offers all these products in his online store. Check out the store, NFD designed all Gus' products and we're very proud of our long relationship with Gus and his wife Michelle.


April 1, 2023


Print Design


Gus Lloyd Ministries



Photoshop, Illustrator



Coffee Mug Design

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