Somnium Guitars and NFD Starting New Project!

Somnium Guitars

Brooksville’s very own Somnium Guitars’ new website will soon make its debut. This project just feels so right for us and we couldn’t be more excited to be redesigning their website. The new site will not only feature a brand-new design, but we’ll be revamping the shopping experience as well. Using a top level e-commerce solution, we’ll present and offer the custom guitar maker’s multiple combinations of each of their amazing and very unique guitar models.

About Somnium Guitars

Somnium Guitars are all designed and custom produced by hand in their Brooksville, FL. facility and headquarters. Their feature models include the Mirage Electric Guitar, their own design, the SS Electric Guitar which is a Strat Style and the TS Electric Guitar which is a Tele Style. You can also get the TS Electric Guitar in a Baritone model.  Each model can be customized to reflect each musician’s style and comfort as you can select the type of hardware and fretboard you like. You can custom build your own style and order it right from the shop. Choose from Chrome, Gold or Black hardware, Ebony, Maple or Rosewood fretboards in any combination and have it shipped right to your door. 

The Quality and Features of Somnium Guitars

The quality of these guitars are second to none and once you play one, you’ll want to own one.  A game-changing feature of Somnium Guitars, their secret weapon, is the ability to change pickup configurations quickly and easily, giving each guitar any tone combination that suits your fancy or is required to get the job done. 

This amazing feature gives you the ability to show up at a gig or a studio session with seemingly one guitar in hand, and swap out single coil pick ups for Humbuckers, for instance, in any combination on the fly. In doing so, you can  literally have many guitars at your disposal with unlimited tone possibilities. Their patented modular pickup system is the best there is–it’s second to none. This is a guitarists dream come true, and the quality of each guitar is superb.  

What’s your dream guitar? 

You can have it with a Somnium Guitar. Speaking of dreams, that’s the whole concept behind Somnium which is the latin word for dream. If you can dream it, you can create it with these state-of-the-art musical instruments. 

Have I gotten your attention? I sure hope so. Stay tuned to all the channels at Nick France Design as this new project develops in the next few weeks.

About the author:
Nick France has been designing everything from ads to websites for over thirty-five years and it’s obviously engrained in his DNA at this point. When he’s not designing or writing he’s usually found loving on his family or strapped to a guitar, singing his heart out. 


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