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Gus Lloyd's Reflections

Gus Lloyd’s Reflections

Gus Lloyd's Apologetics

Gus Lloyd’s Apologetics

About the Gus Lloyd logos: I’ve had a long professional relationship with Gus Lloyd. Gus is the morning radio show host of Seize the Day Show on Sirius/XM Radio’s Catholic Channel out of Tampa, FL. Gus is also a web known author and speaker. I’ve designed all six of his books featured on this site and on his at as well as his apologetics CD’s and audio downloads and more. We started a brand identity for his daily email called Gus Lloyd’s Reflections. We then designed the Apologetics logo keeping his brand. To round out the Gus Lloyd logos, I then designed the logo for the radio show which was a departure from his brand on purpose because he wanted the radio sho logo to have its own brand and personality. Plus we needed to feature the radio genre from Tampa aspect.

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