Fit2Ugolf Website

The Fit2Ugolf website – Fit2Ugolf’s mission is to help golfers play their best by providing tailored clubs that suit the individual’s game. They provide a comfortable environment and take a personal approach so that you can make your natural swing with confidence. They measure your existing golf clubs for length, loft, lie, flex, swing weight, total weight, and balance point. They understand that the best club for you might already be one you have; it just needs to be tailored for you.

We started the branding process by ascertaining their message and value proposition. We then wrote all the copy for the Fit2Ugolf website, establishing a voice. We followed that up with a brand new logo, fonts, color scheme and designed the website. We also created a digital business card for the Kelly the owner. We then provided custom Rack Cards with a perforation to detach a business card and special offer. Fit2Ugolf will use them for events, golf courses and country clubs in the Brooksville and surrounding area.

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