Are we, as Americans, too dependent on the internet? As I think about my own household and our dependence on the internet, I’m struck by how much our internet usage has grown in just a few short years.

I can remember not long ago, all I had connected to the internet was a Mac desktop computer, and that’s it. That was when my kids were younger, and a mobile device consisted of a plain old cell phone with no internet connectivity. Today, all together, we have 5 iPhones, two laptops, an iPad, a Kindle Fire, a Mac Mini desktop computer, a wireless printer that’s connected to the internet, a connected Sony Blu-ray for the living room TV, a Roku for the Master bedroom TV, a Nest thermostat with an iPhone and iPad app, and a Safeguard Security system that I control from an iPhone app. All of that is routed wirelessly from an Apple Airport Extreme base station.  For those keeping count that’s 16 devices in all.

Am I too dependent on the internet?

As for me personally, I rely heavily on all of these devices, but none more than my iPhone. Of course I do banking and pay bills like everyone else on my iPhone. I also do the usual things like keep up with my Facebook friends, tweet, make and watch videos, create instagram photos and videos, YouTube — lots of YouTube and much, much more. I’m pretty much a social media freak. I have a Klout rating of 52 and I sometimes bitch that Klout’s screwing me and it should be at least 70 — but in reality I know they’re not.

It has become an integral part of my entertainment line-up as well. I listen to SpotifyiTunes, Pandora, rdio, lastfm, SiriusXM Radio and East Village Radio all from my iPhone and iPad — I watch Hulu and Netflix on the FireTV, Apple TV, iPad and Roku as well as the blu-ray player –   I watch all the New York Mets games on my iPad and on TV with FireTV and Roku via I’m a Prime member at Amazon because I purchase so much stuff from them, the free shipping makes it worth it alone, not to mention the free movies for the Kindle Fire as well as an e-book per month to borrow.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as they say, because my kids are probably just as bad. While my wife is quite the user herself, though she’ll probably tell you I’m the biggest offender, by a mile.

Am I too dependent on the internet, professionally?

As a web designer and content marketer, my internet and social media use only escalates from there. I use ftp programs and interact with hosting providers. I maintain multiple social media properties for clients on a daily basis such as facebook pages and twitter accounts via HooteSuite. I rely heavily on apps and services like Adobe Creative Cloud, Evernote, and Postwire, to name a few. All of which has me scratching my head at times saying, how the hell did I get to this point, and how did it happen so fast?

To be honest, there’s much I’m leaving out, but as I force myself to think about and write all this down, I’m going to stop here because I’m actually scaring myself and/or fearful I’m beginning to be a bore — actually both.

So in conclusion, let me pose a few questions; am I unique in this regard, or are there others out there just as dependent on the internet and social media as I? Do I/we have too many devices, or is your home the same way? I think I’m somewhat typical of an average American, so lastly, how did we Americans get here, and how did it happen so quickly?

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